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Oh Snap! part 1

So there's a general election.


Which means there will be a Tory government.


Let's face it, Britain is lost to the right wing screaming xenophobic aristocratic pauper hating desperadoes who use deception and mendacity to ascend to power.

There really is no choice: as much as I would like to see revolution in this society, led by the people for the people (no Chairman Mao's thank you), it isn't going to happen. We weren't going to have that happening in 2020; we certainly ain't gonna get it in six weeks.

We must therefore do whatever it takes to oust the Tories. What they have wrought in 7 years, with or without LibDem help, has proved more than enough. We cannot take anymore. There must be an end so that we can stop the bleeding.

To that end it's got to be, where possible, a Labour vote. Of course since our system is such a blighted mess that won't always be possible. It may even be necessary to return one of those vile yellow bellies. I hate the fact I've had to say that, and I only do so because the current situation is so bad that the Tories have got to go. We cannot take five more years of this. That is not an option.

I don't think much of Labour, I think Corbyn is a fundamentally decent guy but he's trapped in a system that will bleed him dry. Labour are beyond hopelessly divided, as I write we have Tory Blair wheeled out, by the forces of international capital, to call for a vote for anyone but Labour! He is the British Putin, looking clearly to capitalise on what I dismally predict will be Labour's downfall to retake the throne. A Lannister always Blairs his debts.

However, while I think we must do what we can to oust these bastards, I do not believe it will be enough. I dare not. That feeling in 2015 after Miliband gave up the ghost was horrible. This time, if Labour cannot do it, will be a thousand times worse.

Brexit is the giant elephant in the room. It has divided the country to the point wehre anyone who dares express an opinion more nuanced than "IN YOUR FACE EUROPE!" is called a traitor. Who on earth uses the word traitor seriously in modern Britain? Such people are intellectually bereft thugs. We have no idea what will happen under a Tory led hard Brexit, which they will surely pursue if they perceive a mandate from a successful re election. The Tories are headbangers over the issue of Europe, they will stand at the shores of the channel shouting "up yours Johnny Foreigner!" while believing they are owed, by soe divine right of kings, a trade deal at least as good as the one they want us out of.

Corbyn could have stolen the march by arguing a working class, people led, case for a Brexit. Now he's caught between both sides and will suffer because of it - never mind the daily savaging at the hands of a capitalist press run by right wing media robber barons.

If Labour fails, and for my own sanity I must accept this reality (aim low, shoot high), I don't think he will stand down. This will lead to months of bloodletting that a resurgent Tory majority (which it doesn't have currently) will capitalise on. We know they have form in using every inch of arcane Parliamentary law to get their way on all things. Labour will not fight fire with fire, it will be too bsuy dealing with an equally resurgent Blairite coup, probably led by the arch vampire himself.

Britain is on course for disaster. Brexit will not be the end, but the beginning of the end - and this is the beginning of that beginning!

Despite that, there is a reasonable possibility that Labour won't lose too many MP's. I see few reasons why, so soon after the last election, people would want to kick them out locally. But that depends again on the spectre of Brexit. There are also plenty of communities that championed Brexit who may now wake up to the fact they were dependent on EU support and face a very uncertain future.

I do not believe our politics are fit for purpose, and I struggle to see Corbyn winning. However the alternative is just so serious that, for the sake of a few minutes out of your day to tick a box on a piece of paper, it has to be worth trying. What he will achieve if elected will certainly be minimal and reformist at best. That is not what is ideal and it isn't my preference. It is merely what is necessary.


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